Zero-question research for
emotional data insights

Emotional data analytics using the fastest-growing language in human history — the humble emoji.

Fast, transformative, at a fraction of the cost

Do you know the emotions that bond people to your brand?

Let’s be real.
People hate surveys and invasions of their privacy.
For next-gen users, conventional methodologies don’t work when it comes to emotions.
But if you don’t know how people really feel about your brand, how can you strengthen the emotional bonds that generate loyalty, engagement, and trust?

Enter Yawye.

We’ve invented a new way to measure human emotions at scale.
We deliver the building blocks for optimizing loyalty, engagement and trust among Next-Gen consumers, voters, and employees.







Zero-Question Research for Digital Natives

Over 90% of our users love the zero-question experience.

Try it yourself. It's fun!
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Here's how it works:

Video Streaming

Our Yawye Experience video streaming platform allows users to provide feedback in response to short clips, from your library or ours.

Modern Panels

Bespoke panels, organized to your specifications, leveraging first-party data from 1000+ participants with detailed demographic insights — without infringement of people’s privacy.


We unleash the power of millennial & Gen-Z consumers to express themselves in real time using the power of their digital native language.

Data Science

We capture 100,000+ emotional expressions and analyze the emotional data using quantitative and qualitative metrics enriched with demographic attributes and second-by-second precision to deliver actionable insights, fast!

Our Signature Applications

Your Emotional North Star:

The Cornerstone of your Brand Identity

Think of your Emotional North Star as a Lighthouse, beaming the emotions about your brand that matter most to your consumers, constituents, or employees. Your North Star ensures you always keep their feelings at the forefront of your strategies.

Understand Your Voters:

The Voter Motivation Index

Campaigns must focus on key issues and messaging. The VMI is a probability rating of the degree to which an issue or policy and its accompanying message will motivate and mobilize individuals to vote.

Emotional data analytics at scale

Yawye makes quantifying emotions at scale easy

1. Send us your files

Send us your existing digital files regarding your brand (commercial/political/workplace)

2. We create Yawye experiences

We create 3-5 minute experiences from your content, generating a secure URL that is distributed to targeted panels of consumers, voters, or employees.

3. We deliver a comprehensive data-driven report

The custom report is backed up by over 20 custom PowerBI dashboards.

Every insight is supported by data evidence

Explore our custom daashboards with 20+ analytics

Join happy clients getting the emotional data clarity they need with Yawye

"As CMO of Creminelli, an emerging national brand with a tight marketing budget, we purchased Yawye's Emotional North Star brand analysis. We learned about the emotions that bond consumers to our category and brand and identified a strategic market position that is an ownable market space for us and that should be very valuable as we elevate our communications. We are implementing Yawye's actionable insights from the research and anticipate seeing positive results in the market. It was a great investment of time and money."

Eric Schwartz-Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer,
Creminelli Fine Meats

“We were intrigued with their zero-question emoji and video streaming Ux and contracted for their Emotional North Star application—but to be perfectly honest, a little skeptical! Still, we felt like there was enough upside to give it a try. I’m super glad we did! Yawye recruited 1,000+ consumers and delivered a brand North Star for CHKN that defined a big, ownable market position with tons of 1st-party data evidence. An added bonus was that Yawye’s insights supported our Agency’s creative strategy which gave us the confidence to invest behind content creation. We are actioning their recommendations now. Our team really had fun and enjoyed working closely with the Yawye team. For our emerging and rapidly growing brand, it was a smart investment of time and money.”

Brian Pope

Co-Founder & CEO,
CHKN Not Chicken

Get the emotional data clarity you need to amplify the value of your communications, marketing & sales strategies

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