Realtime emotional data insights & zero-question research

Emotion is the Superglue of Brands.

We help brands run market research studies using the fastest growing language in history⁠—the humble emoji.

The Tool You Turn to Before You Set Strategy

Our SaaS Suite for Enterprise

Yawye measures how people are feeling about your brand, always in context, always at scale, and always fast.

Brand Emotional Constellation
Optimize Sales & Loyalty

Unlock what drives the LTV of customers with your brand:

  • Discover your emotional North Star along with the relevant Constellation of Emotions from 1,000 of your best customers.
  • We measure how all market comms sync to your constellation, delivering actionable insights.

A/B Testing

We measure and score how target consumers are feeling in response to your existing brand content & communications, breaking it down with demographic segmentation and insights.

  • Compare the emotional strength between your brands
  • Identify your best target customers or your fiercest competitors using first-party data
  • Receive clear insights on how to win new customers

Brand Emotional Bond (BEB)

Realtime brand heath requires an “always on” application:

  • We baseline and then track on a monthly basis the strength and weakness of your brand across all public-facing communications.
  • This brings you actionable data for cross-functional teams including sales, marketing, finance, investor relations and the C-Suite.

    What We Deliver

    Transparent, actionable data from first party panels

    We measure how consumers, investors and employees are feeling about your company.

    How it Works

    Zero-Question Research for Digital Natives

    Yawye gamifies measuring how people are feeling, creating a natural, engaging process for Gen Z, Milennial and Gen X users to express their emotions about your brand in real time, always in context and always at scale.


    • We unleash the power of the fastest growing language history: emoji.
    • Empower Millennial and Gen Z consumers to express their feedback in their digitally native language
    • Unleash emotional expressions at the speed of culture

    Data Science

    • We leverage first-party data.
    • Demographic and culturally authentic feelings behind emoji expression.
    • Delivering actionable insights, very fast.

    The Yawye Experience

    • Over 90% of our thousands of users love the zero-question experience
    • We apply business-relevant emoji to short brand video stories, including still image and short clips, drawn from your existing content
    • We measure all marketing comms: Social Media, TVC, PR , Packaging, CX, Innovation
    • We collect user emotions with precise, second-by-second context from the stimuli

    Modern Panels

    • Bespoke panels, organized to your exact specifications, which leverage first-party data with deep demographics
    • Built to scale hundreds or thousands of panelists
    • Culturally authentic emoji expressions
    • Blazingly fast data insights

    Identify Your Brand’s Emotional Constellation

    The new lens to navigate your Brand

    Brand Emotional Constellation
    A Brand’s Emotional Constellation informs strategic positioning and delivers the following benefits:

    • Aligns all marketing and sales stakeholders
    • Delivers clear direction on the North Star and key supporting emotions marketing, CX and Innovation must evoke to optimize loyalty (LTV) and sales
    • Informs actions, timing, and fiscal resource allocation to reach the desired positioning
    • Baselines your brand’s emotional positioning feeding our A/B application, which quickly assesses emotional differences between your best and target customers, as well as competitors.
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