Experience Yawye

With Yawye, you’ll uncover how your consumers, investors and employees are really feeling.

For Next-Gen Consumers: Brand Insights

What if every target customer behaved like your best customers? Our first-party data reveals what people feel towards your brand, giving you the tools you need to close the emotional resonance gap. With Yawye you can measure the feelings of your customers to sharpen your communications strategy.

For Next-Gen Voters: Political & Policy Insights

Explore the emotional engagement of your messages to impact the voting behavior of your target electorate. Pinpoint what resonates and what doesn't with your target audience, so you can fine-tune the emotional resonance of your campaign and messaging strategies.

For Next-Gen Employees: Workplace Trust and Loyalty

Happy employees feel trusting, engaged and productive. Get the clarity you need to address employee perspectives across demographic divides.

Our Yawye Originals explore the social justice issues that define our time. By understanding the emotional impact of issues that are hard to talk about, we can inform data-driven approaches to rebuilding trust and moving forward.

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