About Yawye

1. What is Yawye?

Yawye is a cloud-based emotional intelligence data company. We harvest and interpret people’s authentic feelings We record emoji responses selected by users, moment-by-moment, while they are viewing specific streaming video content.

2. How does Yawye work, and what makes it different from surveys and polling?

When people are asked any type of question, it fires off the thinking brain: the neocortex. The thinking brain runs many assessments on the question, before responding with an answer such as:

  • “Who is asking?”
  • “Do I trust them?
  • “Will there be consequences to my response?”
  • “Will I be judged based on my response?”

In this way, the thinking brain gets in the way of an open, instinctual answer to the question. Thanks to the thinking brain, people self-censor, delivering answers based on what they think you want to hear instead of what they actually feel. This gives rise to the giant problem today called the Say-Do Gap, where people say one thing on a survey and then do something else. 

The Yawye experience bridges the Say-Do Gap by measuring emotions at their source. Yawye connects with the emotional brain: the limbic system. As content streams, people press emoji as proxies for their emotions. The instant feedback measures emotions before the thinking brain has a chance to self-censor how people really feel. The result is emotional data: a unique dataset built using rigorous data science, telling you how your audience really feels.

3. How is Yawye data different than sentiment data?

Sentiment is a linear expression of negative to neutral to positive feelings, whereas Yawye measures and interprets viewer responses to over 36 emotions using algorithms trained for multidimensional emotional analytics. In this manner, we provide deeper, we believe smarter nuanced emotional data.

4. What about data privacy & anonymity?

Unless users have explicitly granted permission, we will never, ever, expose individual user responses.

5. Can Yawye Geo-target users?

Yes! With our digital platform you can take the same story and with different URL’s we supply, target an infinite number of distinct states, counties and or zip codes.

Getting Started with Yawye

6. Where does Yawye's video content come from?

Brands, agencies, campaigns, partners and media clients supply the content. Often times it is pre-existing branded communications or training videos. These videos are sent to us to securely upload to our platform.

7. As Clients, what data analytics will we receive?

After your users (we call them cohorts) finish the Yawye Experience, we analyze the emoji data we receive from your experience and provide a clear set of actionable insights. These include:

  • The Top 3 Things You Should Know
  • Identification of major emotional spikes in context to the content
  • A translation of exactly what users were expressing emotionally, broken down by demographic stratifications, and engagement statistics.

We also provide you with a complete dataset in a variety of formats.

8. How fast does it take from start to reports?

Yawye is fast. Speed is essential, as emotions are changing faster than ever, and insights used to drive strategy and decision-making must be current. With Yawye’s cloud-based platform, data is gathered within ~48 hours after the URL is provided to your target viewer list, and reports and datasets are usually produced within seven business days.

9. How much does it cost to Yawye?

Each unique Yawye URL includes engagement and emotional response data for up to 10,000 users. Above that, to hundreds of thousands, there is a small incremental charge per user.

Access to the Yawye platform is licensed in bundles of 3, 15, 25, and 100+ annually. The initial 3 bundle is $45,000. That includes 3 separate stories and reports.

The Yawye Experience

10. What if my organization needs help with content?

We’ll help you! Yawye has partnerships with folks who understand our technology and can quickly and affordably develop content to use on our platform.

11. How are the emoji paired with video?

In consultation with Yawye, your organization will first determine which emotions you wants to measure in response to your content. Together, we will then select a set of up to six (6) emoji from Yawye’s library. These emoji are then paired with your video story and loaded in our tech platform.

Users will then self-report their feedback in response to your video content, using these emoji as a proxy for their emotions.

12. Can we include questions?

One or two questions may be included, and only at the end of the Yawye experience. We use the questions to help with data triangulation from the aggregate emoji responses.

13. How do users access the Yawye experience?

Once the emoji and video story are paired together, Yawye issues a unique URL with the client name. This URL can be shared as any URL; via email, internal corporate intranets, through social media etc.

14. How many users/viewers can experience the same Yawye URL?

There is virtually no limit to the number of people that Yawye can support in our cloud-based platform.

15. Do viewers need to download an application to participate with Yawye?

No. Yawye is a 100% browser-based application. If you have an internet connection, you can experience and participate in a Yawye.

16. Will Yawye work on all types of internet-connected devices?

Virtually-Yes. Yawye supports all browsers and all device types including mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops. As long as you have an internet connection, you can Yawye.

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