In 2022, we find ourselves in a world where mistrust and misunderstanding are spreading like wildfire or COVID-19–unchecked and rampant. How do we repair wounds of mistrust and misunderstanding in our lives, workplaces and communities?

We confront a world where tall walls divide generations; systemic bias divides us racially; political divides are hardening; and urban, suburban and rural communities are growing further apart from each other. This is all as a changing social landscape makes people increasingly open to or in contact with people who are very different from them in terms of racial, cultural, sexual or gender identity.

From this milieu, there are so many impacts. And misunderstandings or a lack of communication between groups can lead to problems.

Big problems.

How can we bridge these seemingly impossible divisions? Four years ago, a small, very diverse band of founding Yawye members started grappling with just that question.

At Yawye, we believe emotions are the principal driver of people’s behavior. Emotions drive the relationships we experience in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s:

  • Between brands and their consumers
  • Within large companies between employees and leadership
  • Between Democrats and Republicans and other political parties
  • And most importantly, in virtually any context where human beings require large and continuous doses of trust and empathy to bond themselves to each other in pursuit of a common mission or set of beliefs.

With any of these emotional bonds, the quality of the emotional bond can be strong, frayed or weak. And if you believe, as we believe, that emotions drive behavior, how do you measure emotions and the strength of an emotional bond? With all the dynamic nuances of emotions, how can we quantify them with precision context?

Not easily.

For, this is our focus: to strengthen our capacity to measure human emotions at scale, taking blindingly fast, precision measurements that capture the nuances of emotional fluctuations. Our tools enable us to quantify emotions–always in context and always at scale–to develop demographically parsed, actionable insights on who is driving your scores up or down.

We’re a commercially scalable business with a very big mission. To make it happen, we’ve recruited a team whose professional and personal backgrounds embrace diversity as our core strength. Engineers, Data Scientists, UX Designers, SaaS Biz Dev, Marketers influencing emotions and Business IP professionals. That’s us.

We’re just getting started. In Chapter One of our story, we have built a suite of applications that measure, quant and score human emotions using the fastest growing language in history: emoji, layered upon any context specific short video story. We’ve worked hard and collaborated across disciplines to make sure our data and results simple to understand. Our Yawye dashboards visualize benchmarks and trends so that folks spearheading insights will always have a fresh dataset to drive decisions, unlike any before it.

As we grow we have a never-ending quest to challenge ourselves to be better, to adhere to rigorous academic standards, to empathize with our partners, clients and most importantly, our Yawye users. For if our mission is to succeed, we at Yawye need to build trust and confidence that we will never compromise individual emotional expressions.

What’s on our roadmap? Quite a bit: Dynamic emoji to emotion vectors informed by crowdsourced emoji meanings and emotional valences, mapping a voice responsive emotional UX, building a self-serve portal so anyone can affordably measure emotions to build trust, understanding and loyalty.

Many chapters yet to come. Volumes of commercial, political and social application books to be written. This is our story ☺

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