How to Use Yawye

Uncover how people
are authentically feeling.

In Yawye’s cloud-based platform, users are invited to click emoji moment-by-moment in response to any visual content—anonymously and at scale.

We look for the moments during the video story where feedback explodes, unpacking the meaning of tens of thousands of responses with our cloud-based intelligence.

By eliciting emotions without asking questions, the Yawye experience uncovers how people are authentically feeling. It’s a quantum leap beyond legacy tools including surveys, focus groups, and polls. Other tools ask questions, but only Yawye uncovers authentic feelings.

Dramatically sharpen authentic engagement with Millennials and Gen Z

Yawye leverages the digitally native, fastest growing language in history: emoji.

Rapidly Measure Shifts in How Your Audience is Feeling

Yawye’s cloud-based platform gives you the tools to go from research to insights in less than a week.

The Tool You Turn to Before You Set Strategy

Understand the nuances of how your audience is feeling through our multidimensional emotional analysis with in-depth demographic stratification.

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