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Your Emotional North Star:

The Cornerstone of your Brand Identity

Think of your Emotional North Star as a Lighthouse, beaming the emotions about your brand that matter most to your consumers, constituents, or employees. Your North Star ensures you always keep their feelings at the forefront of your strategies.


Identify your superglue—the emotions that attract and bond consumers to your brand, with their meanings and business implications.

Values Alignment
Determine whether consumers are aligned with your brand’s values at an emotional level, and if they see themselves reflected in your brand identity.
Ownable Market Position
Uncover ownable market positions.
Provides clear, data-driven insights that will inform creative messaging.
Sales Opportunities
Expose sales opportunities to win new customers.

Understand Your Voters:

The Voter Motivation Index

The VMI is a probability rating of the degree to which an issue or policy and its accompanying message will motivate and mobilize individuals to vote.


Identify the emotions that constituents feel around particular social issues, policies, and messaging.


Identify which issues, policies, and messaging trigger the emotions associated with higher voter turnout.


The VMI will quantify and stack rank the most emotionally charged issues and messaging to engage your constituents.


Using an understanding of the emotions driving your constituents, the VMI insights will allow you to create and demonstrate empathy in your messaging.

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