We celebrate breathing life into a story. Not an easy process. Birthing a story is like a really long conception. Not quick, not always pleasurable but nevertheless it feels really good. The team is awesome, smart, and passionate about their work.

Today, as a editorial team, we initiated work on the story centering on the relationship between #college debt and #mental wellness. A working title is “mental debt”…any ideas for a better one?

The story around the economic implications of saddling a generation with a $trillion ++ in debt is a story about predatory greed in the name of the American Dream. Thats not our story. We’re gonna dig into the emotional devastation on millions of next gen workers and what can be done about it.

Do you have a story about that? Share it with us. And please, stay tuned.

Oh, in case you like to send gifts birthday gifts, our baby loves data;)

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